We have an army of people that love to make this event happen. Serving as a volunteer on one of our teams is an amazing way to grow spiritually and to learn new skills. You'll also meet lots of new people and get back even more than you give out.

Volunteering gives you a free ticket and free meals all week!

To join a team at Inspire 2017, book your place to come to Inspire here. During the booking process, you can click the 'Apply For Team' button. At the end of your booking process you can then complete the team application form via your booking summary page or your account page.

See below for more information about the teams that are available for you to join.


Every member ministry

One of the things that makes New Wine unique is the opportunity for people to receive ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The primary role of 'ministry enablers' is to involve, mentor and monitor others in prayer ministry. We are looking for people to help in this way in both the Hungry and Thirsty venues. You need to be passionate about prayer ministry and have a desire to see others raised up, as well as being able to gently coach so that delegates are protected from immature, unwise or unbiblical practices. Ministry enablers are most likely to be active in prayer ministry in their own churches and many will be the ministry team leaders for their churches. The key quality is the ability to mentor and train others rather than always having to be the person doing the ministry. If you particularly enjoy praying for people this role may not be for you, there will be more opportunity for you to pray for others during the ministry time if you are not an enabler. 

Please note

We ask that all Ministry Enabling Team members read our Ministry Guidelines document before applying and/or ministering on site. You can download the document here.

Ministry Enabling Team places are not free of charge. You must ensure that you are booked in as a delegate in addition to applying to the Ministry Enabling Team, so once you've applied for team, please contact us so that we can update your ticket price.



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Where else can you spend time with some of the most enthusiastic people you'll ever meet?

At New Wine Inspire, we're passionate about seeing children and young people meet with God -. We have groups for children of all ages - from the very smallest to those finishing high school. Serving on team in one of the youth or children's venues is a rewarding, energising and incredibly fun way of giving back - and you'll see God do some amazing things along the way.

Where do you want to serve?

In all kids teams you'll befriend, lead and encourage the children, get alongside them in small groups, pray with and for them, minister to them in the power of the Holy Spirit and encourage them to pray for each other. You'll serve as a small group leader, either on your own or paired up with another team member who you may be asked to supervise. Some teams also need activity leaders who organise, prepare and supervise drama, games or craft, and assist with the practical needs of the team while not being directly responsible for a group of children. Your day will start with a time of team prayer and preparation. Some teams have informal activities in the afternoon (e.g., games, sports or water fights) and some teams have a meeting for prayer and preparation in the afternoon. The time is rewarding, and needs energy and commitment. You will need to be a Christian with an active, living faith, a heart for children, and regular attendance at a church/fellowship.

Remember there are opportunities to work with children who have additional needs in these venues as a part of the Our Place team. You would attend all team training and wear the t-shirt of the venue you're in, but would be there to support children and young people with additional needs to access what is going on. In order to do this you need to apply to the Our Place team and tell us your preferred venue (we can't guarantee you'll get your preferred venue but we'll do our best).  Click Here to access the Our Place team information. 

Gems is our group for the youngest children on site, those aged 0-4.

There are two teams that work with Gems, the young team for those aged 13-16 yrs and the adult team. For both teams the approx hours are: 7.40am-1pm. Except set up days when you will be asked to work longer hours

Rock Solid children are aged 5-10.

There are two teams that work with Rock Solid, the young team for those aged 15 & 16 yrs and the adult team.

Approximate working hours: 8am-1pm and 6-9.30pm

As part of the Club One team, you'll serve as small group leaders either on your own or paired up with another team member helping with activities, facilitating discussions and praying with young people. (11-18 year-olds), Club One has two main meetings per day.  There will be:

  • Seminar-format sessions.
  • Activity teams.
  • Time to share the gospel, pray for and minister to the young people in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The day starts with a time of team prayer and preparation for the day’s activities. The time is rewarding and needs energy and commitment. You need to be 16 years or over to apply, a Christian with an active, living faith, a heart for young people and regular attendance at a church/fellowship.

For more general information about teams and how to apply, click here


The Youth Team is now full.


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