Paul Harcourt

Paul is New Wine's National Leader. He is married to Becky and is Vicar of All Saints Woodford Wells. Paul is the author of Growing in Circles and has spoken at leadership events all over the world.


Miriam Swaffield

Miriam is Student Mission Leader for Fusion. She travels around equipping students for mission and evangelism through the local church. She lives in York.

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John & Anne Coles

John was Director of New Wine from 2001 to 2014 and Anne oversees New Wine's ministry for women. Both continue to be involved in the development of the New Wine Network of church leaders in the UK. They have started a new missional initiative that plants churches in homes.


Linda Maslen

Linda has recently become New Wine Regional Director for the North East & Yorkshire. She is Curate at Christ Church Pellon and St Augustines Halifax and leads Saturday Gathering.

Matthew Porter

Matthew is Vicar of The Belfrey in York. He is married to Sam and has five boys. He blogs and writes regularly in the fields of leadership and discipleship.

Ben Doolan

Ben is married to Ellie and is Curate at The Belfrey in York, where he oversees the evening gathering, student work and 18-30s. He is also on the New Wine National Leadership Team.

Ian Parkinson

Ian is Leadership Specialist for CPAS and is also an author. He was in local church leadership for over 30 years. He is married to Nadine, a Development charity worker.

Ruth Perrin

Ruth is currently working as a researcher for the Church of England exploring experiences of curacy training. She has recently completed a PhD in the Durham Department of Theology and Religion. She has over 15 years of experience in mission, discipleship and Bible teaching.

Tom Finnemore

Tom is Associate Vicar of St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield. He was previously Associate Vicar of St Barnabas Cambridge and was on the staff of HTB, London. He is married to Clarissa and has two children, Hannah and Theo. Tom loves the north, went to university in Hull and supports the Tigers.