Will I be able to go off-site on arrival day?

Yes you can get off-site on that day though probably not until after 4pm as the entrance to the  site will be in constant use processing arrivals.

Will there be food halls or vans at Inspire?

We will be looking to arrange for external companies to provide food at Inspire, but please note this is not confirmed, so please arrange to bring enough food and drinks for your time at Inspire or see the Local Information page for local shops.

Are there freezer packs or re-freeze facilities at Inspire?

Please note that we do not have the facilities to provide freezer packs of the sort available at the National Gatherings and cannot re-freeze cool blocks etc.

What is a Village Host and how do I contact them if I have a special request?  

A Village Host is someone who looks after the village you are camping on and who plans the layout of where tents, caravans and church groups will camp. They are the first point of call for any issues or queries regarding your village. Village Hosts are normally assigned to a village in the May before the event, so if you have any requests we can forward your email to them so they can contact you.

Is there electricity which can be supplied to campers?

Electric hook-ups are very limited so we can only supply them to people with specific medical needs, i.e. those who use breathing machines at night. If you have a specific medical need and require an electric hook-up please email New Wine office with as much information as possible so that we can review this for you.

Those who will be requiring electrical hookup for Medical reasons can you please note that you will not be camping with your church family. We are really sorry about this but there is only one camping area where there are hookups available. Upon arrival at Hollybush when you are met by the stewards can you please make them aware that you have been authorised for electric hookup for medical reasons and they will direct you to the correct camping village. Please do not connect your electric. This needs to be done by the authorised New Wine electrician. Thank you for understanding.

Can I camp with another church if mine is not coming?

Yes of course. You are more than welcome to camp with whoever you like and you don’t have to belong to a church to camp with them.

Can I find out who has booked from my church?

We cannot give out any information of people booked onto our events due to data protection reasons. If you want to find out who has booked from your church, we recommend that you make an announcement at church.

How will I get my tickets?

Tickets will be sent out directly to delegates from the London New-Wine offices, also included with your tickets will be advance information about Inspire.  Please remember to bring your tickets with you as a charge will be made for printing new tickets if you cannot produce them when you arrive at Inspire.

Identification on Site. 

Please remember to carry your tickets with you whilst on site.   Your tickets should be placed in a badge holder that you can pick up from Customer and Site Services when you arrive at Inspire.  Please be aware that you may not be permitted to enter some venues without your badge.

Does New Wine hire out accommodation?

New Wine does not hire out accommodation but recommend you contact the Thirsk & Northallerton Tourist Information Centres as they have a large number of contacts for B&Bs, hotels, caravan and tent hire companies and self-catering accommodation. Please see the Local Information page on this site.

Where is the best place to hire a caravan and how will the caravan company know where to go before I arrive?

We would recommend contacting the Thirsk and Northallerton Tourist Information Centres as they will have a number of contacts who hire out caravans. Once you know your village allocation please contact your hire company so they will know where to take the caravan.

Can I bring a pet with me to the Inspire 2017?

Delegates with assistance dogs and guide dogs may bring them on site and are very welcome. Please make sure that when they are around the site they are wearing the appropriate harness to indicate they are working dogs. Please note no pets or other animals may be brought on site.

Are there toilets and shower facilities available to campers?

We are providing additional showers and toilet facilities alongside those available on the Hollybush site. The overall number and location of these will be determined by the final numbers booking to come to Inspire.

Are Barbecues Allowed on the site?

As with all open fires when camping, safety comes first,  so obviously you need to keep your BBQ within the confines of your camping space and not put it near tents and caravans and away from designated pathways and roads on the site.

Charcoal BBQ’s are allowed but have to be constantly looked after whilst lit and stewards will be observing people and their usage.

Disposable BBQ’s are allowed but must not be put straight on to the grass, they must be on bricks or the wire stands they come with.

Fire pits etc are NOT allowed and neither are Chinese lanterns or fireworks.

Church Leaders

At  Inspire 2017, we are particularly keen to connect with church leaders; as we seek to work together to change the nation, it helps to know who each other are!    We believe that there is an invaluable opportunity at this gathering for us to get together to encourage, challenge, stimulate and equip for ministry.

Venue hosts and members of the Leadership Network Team are available to try to help you get in touch. Whether you are part of the Network or not, we would love to talk to you to find out about the work you are doing in your church and community.

Safeguarding Policy

We make every effort to keep everyone safe at New Wine events. Our volunteers are recruited from a wide range of church backgrounds, and all those helping in children and youth venues have proven abilities and experience in working with young people. Children and youth volunteers must provide satisfactory references, and have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

It is not possible to vet all delegates, but where we know that a person may pose a risk to others, we assess the risk and refuse admission where appropriate. People who have safeguarding arrangements in place in their churches are required to inform New Wine ahead of an event to put the same level of monitoring in place before agreement is given to them attending. While we strive to reduce the likelihood of harm, we ask all parents to take the same precautions for their child’s well being as they would anywhere else. In working together we can all enjoy New Wine events, but should you have any concerns about the safety of any young person on site, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of New Wine staff.